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Design is one of the most important factors in product success.  OnPar Product understands product innovation and client expectations.  We offer professional design services with a personal touch to help our clients to develop their products and to succeed in today’s competitive business world. 


Adding value to our clients' products is always our foremost goal, whether by means of creating a unique and appealing appearance of the product, creating better ergonomics properties, reducing manufacturing cost or establishing an advantaged market position for our clients.


Innovation and ideas are main factors in determining your product’s success.  Industrial design is a very important step in achieving your goal.  It is our job to ensure consumers would enjoy the products we design and develop. 


Your satisfaction is our number one goal!

  1. Committed to excellence in providing the best design for your products.

  2. Specialized in bringing innovative thinking and market appeal to different products.

  3. Vendor sourcing in Asia for outstanding design and cost effective manufacturing.

  4. Personal care for your products with the customized value-added services you deserve. Packaging for regional differentiation to give your products a unique story to tell.

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